The Pressure and Fun of Shooting a Mates Central Coast Wedding


It’s not often I get to photograph a mates wedding. It sure is fun, extra pressure, but fun for sure. I think the pressure comes from within, certainly not from the couple getting married, Greg and Tahnee in this case, who recently celebrated their Central Coast wedding at Terrigal Haven.

I think the pressure slowly builds as the wedding is something that gets talked about every time we catch up – there is something new, an opinion asked for, an idea to run by me, timetables to discuss… everything revolves around the wedding in the twelve month lead up. I know this is the case with every wedding but it’s not something I’m exposed to with every couple, every step of the way. Weddings really are “all consuming” for the complete lead up.

With this all-consuming lead up comes the pressure.

The pressure to get great photos. Pressure to not miss a thing. Pressure to capture the day perfectly.

Yeah sure, it’s the same feeling at every wedding but if you know Greggy, you’d know there would be NO living it down if I messed up… even a little.

Knowing Greggy, you’d also know that he wants nothing more than for everyone to have a great time, all the time. It was difficult to not get swept away with his excitement, say yes to the continual offerings of cold beer being thrust at me and join the fun.

Really join the fun.

I did hold back… worked by butt off and enjoyed the perfect day once the images were downloaded, backed up and I had a chance to look through them all.

I hope Greggy and Tahnee are as happy with their photos as I am.

I asked them both to answer a few questions about their day, here’s what they had to say.


In Greggy’s words

What’s the story behind the two of you, where did you meet?
We met one night when we were both on a bender. We both woke up the next day without any recollection of meeting each other and it was up to our friends to piece our first encounter together.

Can you tell me about the proposal?
I proposed to Tahnee at Terrigal Beach on 30th Jan 2010. We were taking photos of the sunrise on her new camera and when she was setting up the shot, I dropped down on one knee and popped the question. She said YES but the grubby old fishermen walking by were saying “maaate…. Don’t do it”!

Where was the wedding and why?
The wedding was at Broken Head at Terrigal and was chosen for several reasons. It is in the town where we both met, and proposed; the spot came highly recommended by the Central Coast’s one and only “Master Photographer” and it’s a beautiful cliff top location.

Were you going for a certain theme or style?
The theme was based around our honeymoon. We had planned a huge 6 week world trip for our honeymoon because we never travelled when we were younger. The tables settings were decorated slightly like the different countries that we were visiting and the wedding cake was two suitcases stacked on top of each other.

Was there a journey in finding your dress?
Yeah… a huge Ebay journey… looking for the cheapest! The beauty of marrying such a beautiful woman is that I could rely on her to look stunning even in a potato sack (but I couldn’t find one cheap enough). Tahnee ended up finding a new dress on Ebay early in the engagement and then kept it a secret for 18 months. And it was beautiful.

Brides Shoes by:
Whittners Erina

Jewellery and Accessories by:
Embody Erina

Hair and Makeup by:
Hair: Somara Kennedy (family friend)  Make up: Napoleon Erina

Groomsmen Suits by: 
Man 2 Man Erina

The Flowers by: 
Terrigal Sea Rose Florist

The Cake by: 
Paulette Bakker (family friend)

Ebay (Mini Suitcases filled with lollies)

Do you have a memorable moment from the day: 
The Maid of Honour made a narrated slide show which was unbelievable! It DID take her 1 hour to set up so she was lucky it was sooooo good!

What about your honeymoon? 
Best experience of my life. Saw some unbelievable countries (9 in total). We were both very happy that we experienced our once in a lifetime pilgrimage together.

What is the most important piece of advice you would like to share with brides to be? 
Tahnee’s Answer: Have a plan. I know it sounds cliche but it helped so much. Develop a budget, develop a programme, and regularly update it. It is very helpful to have everything listed in front of you, especially when you can make changes to it easily (which you will). It also recommend planning everything with your fiancé which gets them excited about the wedding too.
Greg’s Answer: Go easy on your fiancé when the stress levels begin to rise… Please…

Do you have a favourite photo?
Not an easy thing to answer… but without judgement
Tahnee’s fav: One of the very last shots of the day at night time – it’s sooo beautiful.
Greg’s Fav: The bridal party in the last shot on location all workin’ it – every time I see it I laugh.

How did you enjoy the photography part of the day? 
Loved it. Charismatic, non invasive, exceptional photographs, excellent “pre/post wedding” services. ie. consultation on the style of the shots, style of the album, quick issue of CD of photos.

























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