A Wedding Photography Testimonial… Before the Wedding

Meeting with couples looking to book their wedding photographer is a totally normal situation for me. It’s something I do every week. One thing I’ve noticed is some couples are totally sure about what they’re after while others have a better idea of what they don’t like.

I care about every couple at every meeting but it’s easy to focus on why the occasional couple doesn’t book. That changed this week after I received a letter from Lauren, which you can see below.

Although not every couple I see will book me for their wedding photography, many do. It’s always lovely to get that call confirming a booking – a confirmation that a meeting went well, we “clicked” and they loved my photography, my work… what I work super hard at.

Groomsmen at a Central Coast wedding

A bridal party having a good time at a wedding is a huge focus for me. The more relaxed, the more laughs, the more natural the photos.

When a couple decides not to book Impact Images after a wedding consultation, it’s great to find the reasons why. Knowing why, either tells me I’m doing something wrong or simply confirms, we weren’t a good match. Take pricing for an example. If a couple decides not to book because our wedding photography packages were out of their price range, that’s fine. There’s a reason we charge what we do.

Put simply, we’re good at it. We love what we do, we work hard to learn, improve and master photography, customer service and delivering amazing albums.

If I meet with a couple and they decide on another photographer because they preferred another style, that’s fine too. I only want to book clients that love what I do, the way I shoot. I can’t change that. I have a style that has developed over the years and that’s the way I photograph weddings. Sure, I’ll adapt and change over time but not from one wedding to the next.

I guess that’s something else that brides are paying for… consistency. You get great images, no matter the day, the time of year, the weather or the size of your wedding.

Bride at The Bells in Killcare on her wedding day

There is no need to go “over the top” with photoshop in regard to colours and effects for your wedding images. Natural is timeless and often the best.

Not being booked because we don’t click is occasionally another reason. This one is rarely given as a reason by a couple but it’s pretty easy to sense at a meeting. You know, those times when you’re at a party making small talk and sometimes it just seems like hard work, a real struggle. No matter which angle you take, what questions you ask, it just doesn’t go well and you  are desperately looking for a familiar face, or you knock back your drink in an excuse to go for another.

Occasionally I will have a meeting like that, without the drink.

Anyway, the point is, I don’t book the photography for every couple I meet with and and when I don’t, it’s great to know why. It’s always a bit of a focus for me. My focus changed this week when I received the email below from Lauren.

Lauren had been receiving some emails from me after requesting a price list from the wedding page of the Impact Images website. The emails were full of tips, advice and ideas on how to have a great wedding day plus some other wedding related website links and information that she may not have ever found.

It was after one of my emails that Lauren replied to let me know why she did book Impact for her wedding photography.

This isn’t something that I ever know – I just guess it’s for the reason I gave above – we clicked and they loved my photography. The message from Lauren told me so much more and was a real pleasure to read.

Lauren’s letter on why she decided to book Impact Images for her wedding photography

Hi Andrew,

As you know I did book you for my wedding on the 1st March.  However I thought I would still respond to let you know my thought process behind it.

Firstly my wedding photographer was 3rd on my list in terms of bookings, after the ceremony and reception venues.  This is because personally, I feel the photography is extremely important as it is the one thing you get to keep from your wedding day.  It is the memories of that day.

I was looking for the following from my photographer:

  1. Be able to capture those special moments.
  2. Could offer direction without overtaking the day.
  3. Who took “real” photographs.  Someone who didn’t spend hours after making the sky bluer or the grass greener.
  4. Someone that I clicked with because I would be spending a lot of my day with and around them.

I was seriously tossing up between you and (insert another Central Coast Wedding Photographer with great work).  I love her whimsical, romantic style of photography.  Her pricing was slightly more than yours but that didn’t actually impact my decision.

At the end of the day I chose Impact because I clicked more with you at our meeting that I did with (insert other photographers name) when I met her.

Also, my friends who recommended you really made a point of saying how lovely and friendly you were on their wedding days. That the groom always felt really comfortable around you.

The other thing that ended up helping me make my decision is that I have been a guest at weddings you have been the photographer at. Yet, I don’t actually remember you at these weddings. I mean this in a really positive light.  You took amazing photos but never got in the way of the guests.  I think this is really important because I have been at many weddings when my view has been blocked by the photographer or I have been bossed around by the photographer or witnessed the bride and groom being pulled away constantly by the photographer and who end up not really being able to enjoy their wedding.

Kind Regards,

Lauren Dixon

Firstly, a big thanks to Lauren for emailing me.

Secondly, I don’t think I need to add any more.

Central Coast wedding photography at a secret location

I’m pretty sure the photographer is the last thing on Chantelle and Luke’s mind in this photo.

If you want to book an appointment for your wedding and put me, and my photography to the test while assessing a personality match, give me a call at the studio on (02) 4367 0111 and we can work out a time to meet.

Speak soon


P.S If you want to have a sticky beak at our wedding photography packages and prices, add your details below. You’ll also get access to the great tips that Lauren has been receiving via email.

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  • May 2, 2013 - 7:58 pm

    Simone - I completely agree with Lauren.
    I am not even engaged; however, there is one thing I am certain of… My photographer for my future wedding!
    Andrew and Linda- you both are fabulous!ReplyCancel

    • May 2, 2013 - 8:15 pm

      Andrew - Awww, thanks Simone.
      You WILL be, the most amazing bride! Looking forward to the day.ReplyCancel

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